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Meet Brian

Author . Speaker . Media Maker
Leader . Teacher . Student

Creator and distiller of people and ideas



I believe that the number of ineffective leaders outnumber the great ones; leaders are responsible for everything right and wrong in their organization; leaders have the honor and opportunity to touch people in an indelible way.

I imagine a future where people are aligned with their work.

  • Ineffective leaders reorganize to create more directed value;
  • Reluctant leaders have knowledge & tools to succeed their way;
  • Accidental leaders have access to practical get sh*t done information to grow.

Faking it until you make it in leadership is nonsense. It insults the people you lead, fools you into thinking winging it is good enough and weakens the organization. No one is born a leader—granted some are gifted with traits that help. Everyone has a unique qualities and talents that given a framework can be channeled to lead, which means leadership is something you can learn.

I am an author, speaker and media maker; a leader, teacher and student. I am a creator and distiller of ideas and people. Leadership Q&A demystifies leadership and management in a question and answer format.

My name is Brian D. Goodman and I have spent the last half of my life leading change in companies large to small—as a two-time CTO, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Open Group Distinguished IT Architect, IBM Master Inventor and manager of high performance teams.