A Step-By-Step Course For Prioritizing Work Like The Best Executives
(Hint: You don't need to be in the C-Suite to work the right work)


It isn't even that smart.

so the work just keeps piling on.


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Control your work life so that what you do is meaningful

Meaningful work comes from spending time on worthwhile outcomes. More often than not we are spread too thin, feeding the noise and starving our passions.

Learn how to make sense of what you spend time on

You can’t change something if you don’t have clarity for it. We often find ourselves making progress using our personal physical and emotional strength. The trade off is that we break down faster and have less energy to give our best work.

Learn how to shift work so the most important work gets your attention first

Knowing which work is better performed by someone else is vital in being able to shift attention to the most important work. Most of us conclude that all of the things we do are important and worse yet, that we are the only one who should do it.

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  1. Awesome custom worksheets—Quickly moving you through the key steps to clarity and productivity


  2. Activation Jump-start Guide—Accelerating the changes you want to make


  3. Top frequently asked and answered questions—Helping you navigate the changes


Limited Time Bonus Content
Extra template and load calculator
making it even easier to create impact

Learn what to delegate like the top executives

The way in which you engage others to take over work that you do is either through power or leadership. Delegation is a leadership activity that recognizes another person’s potential to meaningfully expand their contribution. Top executives do this constantly!

Identify what to say no to and how to say it

We all want to make the biggest contribution possible, so saying yes comes easy. The problem is that not everything can get done at the same time or at the same level. Identifying what to say no to is half the battle.

Create a practice that changes how you live and work for a happier healthier life

For new skills to stick, you have to apply  them. You will be working from your context and on your  work. The changes you make will change your life.


Sarah Goldman - Sr. Information Architect @ Service Now

"Radically effective"

This is the single most radically effective approach to changing how I approach work. Brian guides you through the process. Unlike other tools I have used, this one comes with practical steps to making changes to how you work. Highly recommended!


"Remarkably simple and effective"

The greatest challenge of today’s work environment is distraction through relentless and inconsiderate interruptions, which are amplified by technology. 
Brian’s approach is a remarkably simple and effective way to reset your activities with the proper focus. 
I recommend this to anybody who feels overwhelmed and too busy to figure a way out of it.

Robert SINK - DPO & Sr. Systems Architect @ Roomi

"Easiest way to know I make a difference"

Brian makes it easy to breakdown all the things I have going on and ensure I focus on the most important ones… the activities where I create the most impact. He has completely supercharged how I approach my work.

AlBERT DeluccA - Principle Engineer @

"Fastest way to right size"

It is easy to do nothing and expect a different outcome. The problem is that it takes work to change this chronic behavior. Brian’s method is the fastest way to right size how you make an impact.

Rebecca Bucnis, Managing Partner @
Data to Dollars

"Needed jump-start for my consultants"

This course makes my must-do list for my promising consultants. In today’s highly interruptive messaging, Brian walks you through the process that helps prioritize your daily efforts where naturally you can begin to focus on what matters most. More importantly, you will begin to align your work to your priorities. Unfortunately, time is often spent across low-productivity tasks. One challenge is learning how to recognize this and develop the skills to manage it, while keeping strong and positive relationships with peers, subordinates and even upward!

Thanks Brian for the thoughtful and inspiring way to work us through much needed lessons!




Creator and distiller of people and ideas


I believe that the number of ineffective leaders outnumber the great ones; leaders are responsible for everything right and wrong in their organization; leaders have the honor and opportunity to touch people in an indelible way.

I imagine a future where people are aligned with their work.

  • Ineffective leaders reorganize to create more directed value;
  • Reluctant leaders have knowledge & tools to succeed their way;
  • Accidental leaders have access to practical get sh*t done information to grow.

Faking it until you make it in leadership is nonsense. It insults the people you lead, fools you into thinking winging it is good enough and weakens the organization. No one is born a leader—granted some are gifted with traits that help. Everyone has unique qualities and talents that given a framework can be channeled to lead, which means leadership is something you can learn and develop.

I am an author, speaker and media maker; a leader, teacher and student. I am a creator and distiller of ideas and people. Leadership Q&A demystifies leadership and management in a question and answer format.

My name is Brian D. Goodman and I have spent the last half of my life leading change in companies large to small—as CTO of 2 technology startups, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Open Group Distinguished IT Architect, Master Inventor and manager of high performance teams.

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The most important STEPS you can take
to ensure you always work the right work

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